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Tomato Ketchup

A Prelude
Ketchup has reigned the kitchens ever since its evolution. Mothers and household ladies could breathe a sigh of relief as it provided a quick resolution to an easy consumption of any food item. A finishing taste maker, ketchup has become an integral part of every kitchen, restaurant and food stalls. Recognized worldwide for the unique taste and flavor, tomato ketchup is vivaciously conferred to be a perfect food condiment.

Tomato ketchup is believed to have seen its advent in the very beginning of the eighteenth century and once it was introduced there was no looking back. It has undergone numerous changes till now, new makeovers, additional flavors and what not. The ketchup has faced it all and what we perceive of it today is the magnificent taste.

French fries, hamburgers, and other fast food items seem to be incomplete without an additional chuck of the tomato ketchup. Originated in American Continent, the ketchup was introduced in the very beginning of eighteenth century. It was introduced as a general and simple tomato syrup with a salty and bitter taste. however with the progress of time, the taste of the ketchup has increased by leaps and bounds. Various herbs, spices and additive flavors have adorned the simple sauce with a pungent, sweet, little salty and bit chilly taste.

What is a Tomato Ketchup?
Known by different names like tomato sauce, red sauce, etc., the ketchup remains a valuable condiment. The thick red paste of the sauce lures everyone and increases the hunger to a greater extent. A typical tomato ketchup comprises of a well blended mixture of various ingredients like tomato concentrate, vinegar, corn syrup or other sugar, salt, spice and herb extracts, spice and garlic powder.

These are the simple and basic items however there is a long list of desired flavors which can be added to give new dimensions to the diverse flavor of the ketchup. Spices like clove, onion, cinnamon, mint and many others can be added to give a peppy flavor to the ketchup.

A tomato ketchup not only provides an option as a vegetable sauce but also is used in the preparation of other sauces and various food items of Mexican, Spanish, Chinese cuisines, etc. The fermented pungent taste derives a new sensation on the taste buds thus enabling us to feel the vivacious taste with other food items of opposite taste.

Uses of Tomato Ketchup

  • It is used as a flavoring condiment with other food items like french fries, hamburgers, and many other.
  • Universally, tomato ketchup is a source of a fermented and sweet pungent taste which is not only delicious but also healthier due to its safe ingredients.
  • The thick paste of the tomato ketchup is widely used to prepare pastas of all kinds.
  • The rich and diverse flavor of the tomatoes is accompanied by their high viscosity which turns the sauce to be a thick flavoring.

Types of Tomato Ketchup
Mexican tomato sauces: Mexico being one of the pioneers of the tomato ketchup is highly popular for its unique tomato sauces. Other than the usual red sauce, Mexicans are also known for the wonderful and exotic green tomato sauce made of unripe tomatoes.

Italian tomato sauces: Italian cuisines are incomplete without the tomatoes and tomato sauce. Whether it be richly garnished pasta, pizza or the integral cuisines. Italians refer to the sauce as tomato gravy and use this gravy in preparing versatile dishes.

Italian varieties of tomato ketchup range from Puttanesca sauce, seasoned with anchovies, capers, garlic, chili peppers and black olives, to Bolognese sauce. An immaculate combination of taste and finesse, Italian tomato sauces see no comparison elsewhere.

American Tomato Ketchup
Tomato puree is what they call the thick red paste of crushed tomatoes. Essentially this tomato puree forms a great ingredient in all types of dishes, be it vegetarian or non- vegetarian. It is also consumed along with other spiced sauces.

In India, tomatoes form an essential basis to any dish and especially the gravies. Tomato paste is fried along with other spices to give the gravy a thickened look and it also adds up to its pungent and spicy flavor.

How To Prepare Tomato Ketchup?
A simple tomato ketchup can always be prepared through conventional cooking methods. All you will need is well chopped tomatoes, thoroughly in olive oil and keep the pan in the simmering heat. As the puree thickens into a rich red paste, season it with salt. Desired spices, vinegar and various other herbs can be added to give it a fermented and delicious taste. Seasonings like basil, pepper, mint, chilly spice up the tomato sauce and make it a hearty delight.

Tomatoes have always been a sufficient and supporting food base and their importance is well acknowledged in all countries worldwide. Today tomato ketchup are manufactured on a large basis as they are in an ever rising demand.

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