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Condiments not only add flavor to the food but also spice up the existing taste of any food item. Various spices are used as condiments in the dishes and numerous preserved sauces are also referred to as condiments.

These sauces are normally a ready to eat condiment which is used with other food items or can also be used in cooking. Mayonnaise is one such sauce which has gained enormous popularity due to its extraordinary flavor and delicious taste.


What is Mayonnaise?
A thickened paste prepared with the blended mixture of vegetable oils and egg yolk. This condiment is primarily a whitish yellow paste flavored with mustard, lemon juice, and salt. Mayonnaise has gained this wide reputation due to the immense popularity of the fast foods all over the world. These fast foods need a sauce to accompany their diverse tastes.

Mayonnaise offers to be a perfect combination of healthy as well as delicious sauce. It can easily be consumed with burgers, french fries, hot dogs, simple bread, sandwiches and what not.

Not only this, Mayonnaise also serves to be a great base for other sauces and blends very well with other flavors. Variety of simple seasonings can add vivacity to this sauce and can transform it into a diversified emulsion of tastes.

The name Mayonnaise seems to have been inspired by French word, manier which implies blending or moyeu which means egg yolk. And as the process of mayonnaise preparation is carried on through blending therefore it provides enough clues about France being its originating land. However various stories follow regarding the controversial origin of mayonnaise.

Once the recipe was introduced it cultivated great response from all over the Europe. Europeans were enthralled at the origin of mayonnaise. It provided them a quick and tasty solution to the requirement of a worthy condiment.


Method of Preparing Mayonnaise
It is easy to prepare mayonnaise in your own kitchen. With the help of a blender, electric mixture, the task of preparing mayonnaise can be carried out successfully. Plenty of egg yolk is needed along with olive oil. While blending the egg yolk, keep on adding little olive oil continuously so that the added oil could be dispersed in the egg yolk.

Let the oil and the egg yolk form an emulsion and finally add some mustard to the emulsified paste. and the mayonnaise is prepared. In various recipes, olive oil can be replaced with lemon juice or vinegar. Extra olive oil turns the taste of the mayonnaise to be bitter, therefore its necessary to keep an account of measured quantities of oil. Instead safflower oil can also be preferred.


Uses of Mayonnaise
Mayonnaise is highly popular as a commercial condiment all over the world. Therefore in various countries, people use it diversely.

Mayonnaise finds uses in almost every cuisine and adds the raw taste to the various fast food items.
It is used as a sandwich spread, along with the french fries and so on.

In European countries, mayonnaise is offered with fried potatoes, frozen chicken and hard boiled eggs.

In Japanese islands, mayonnaise is used to garnish salads and in a variety of dishes as a taste maker. Its texture is thinner than the other world famous varieties of mayonnaise as it contains extra vinegar.

Russians prepare mayonnaise with the help of sunflower oil and it is an integral part of every kitchen In Russia.

The third major consumers of the world, Chilean residents relish mayonnaise with locos, hot dogs, French fries, and boiled potatoes, etc.

Mayonnaise also forms the base of many other popular sauces and condiments. The dominant taste of the mayonnaise is simply mouthwatering.

There are several varieties of mayonnaise and eggfree mayonnaise is also manufactured in many parts of the world. However, true mayonnaise comprises of egg yolk and its shimmery yellow color defines its rich taste.

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