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Salami may specifically refer to a class of 'salumi', where an individual sausage or style of sausage (e.g. Genoa) would be speckled with pieces of fat and flavored with garlic. Salmi is made by the Italian tradition of cured meats prepared with ground salted and spiced meat forced into animal gut with an elongated and thin shape, then left to undergo some kind of fermentation process.

Basically it is a for of meat processing/preservation generally by fermentation and air-drying methods. These are variously similar to cervelats - uncooked but safe to eat without cooking because they've been cured. Salamis, however, tend to be more boldly seasoned (particularly with garlic), coarser, drier and, unlike cervelats, rarely smoked. They're usually air-dried and, vary in size, shape, seasoning and curing process


Etymological Background
The English term 'salami' is a misspelled form of the Italian word Salame. The word originates from the word Sale (=salt) with a termination -ame used in Italian as an indicator of collective nouns; the original meaning was thus all kind of salted (meats). In general English usage, salami may be singular or plural and refer to a generic style or to various specific regional styles from Italy or elsewhere, such as France, Germany, or Hungary.

The Meat Paste
For the preparation of the meat paste the raw meat mentioned above needs to be crushed. Remove and discard as much sinew as possible from the meats. Keep the meats as cold as possible and grind the meat and fat separately. Then the paste are to be mixed with the salt and other ingredients fairly aggressively since the final product will not have a homogeneous texture of fat to lean. Of the many variables in making salami, one of the most important is the temperature of the fat and the meats - It should never exeed 36oF. Then this paste should be put in the freezer until they are partially frozen

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