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Wishbone Flower

Flowers are meant to spread colors in our life. The pleasant colors deliberately bring smiles on our faces and we cherish flowers as a gift that lasts for a lifetime in our memories. Nature has bestowed numerous such gifts wrapped up in a variety of colors for the mankind.

Wishbone flower is one of the many gifts of nature which have been cherished by the mankind since generations. Scientifically known as Torenia fournieri, the wishbone flower is suspected to have evolved several ages back. One of the members of the vast dog flower family, Scrophulariaceae, this pretty flower has maintained its place in one of the most popular garden plants.


Interestingly the flower derived its peculiar name from the type of opening of its anthers. It has been noticed that when the flower opens, the anthers from each side are dragged in the shape of wish bone thus when the flower blooms it becomes clearly visible.

Wishbone flower is generally a perrenial plant which is normally grown as an annual shrub. With an approximate height of 12 inches, this plant is preferrably planted along with many other similar species to ensure a widespread flowering bed. With a variety of leaves which can either be oval shaped or heart shaped, the plant looks like a nice little green shrub. The plant grows to be densely branched and decorated with shiny green leaves and delicate cup-shaped flowers.

The flowers usually appear to resemble the snapdragon flowers in shape as they also look open faced however the proper markings differentiate these flowers distinctively. The beautiful and attractive flowers range from purple to pink to violet to blue and white elegant colors. The bushy plant is richly endowed with plenty of foliage to give the green effect to the garden.

The well blended mix of colors of these lovely flowers make them truly adorable and charming. the green bushy annual adds the required vivacity to any garden and especially when planted as an edging plant it performs exceptionally well.

The flower is not at all self pollinating however it is attractive enough o invite various insects and little birds, bees to help it with the same.


A prominent garden plant, wishbone flowers find relevant usage as a mass planting or edging plant. The beautiful effect that it provides to the onlookers is breathtaking.
Especially if you are using the plant to be an edger then the best combination will be that of shady beds of ferns and hostas. And the miraculous appearance will definitely surprise you.

One of the chief factors which makes this plant a favorite amongst the gardeners is not only its beauty and charm but also that it is a low maintenance plant . Thus little trouble and delightful performance.

A great decorative plant to be grown in window boxes, pots and hanging baskets and it adds to the appearance of the respective garden.

A beautiful and fragrant flower, it finds relevant usage in ornamental field and also in decorative bouquets.


Growing up a Wishbone flower plant
Its not tough a task, to sprout up a little plant of wishbone flower.
The tender and delicate plant is unbelievably tolerant to hot and humid conditions and thrives well in such harsh conditions as well.
All that it needs in such conditions is even watering and a little fertilization will add to the benefit of the plant. Especially if the fertilizer is a foliar fertilizer one which encompasses the maximum amount of potassium in it and you will see the maximum bloom in the plant for sure.
As the plant start growing up, from time to time pinch off the shoots so as to let it bush out in a rapid fashion.

As the plant does not cover larger areas therefore to have an attractive dis[play of flowers in the garden , these little plants can be planted near each other.
Little moisture and proper shade will ensure that your plant thrives harsh and hot conditions and also that it keeps blooming till the hard frost arrives.
It is advisable to enrich the soil with compost or mulch regularly to support a long lasting flowering period.
Wishbone plant might suffer hard blows from leaf and stem diseases but to avoid them is also easy. A rich , nutritious soil and watering without moistening the leaves is the best way to keep away with such diseases.

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