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Flowers add beauty, color, and charm while helping set the mood for your special day. Flowers, artfully arranged, speak to all that is sentimental, all that is memorable, all that is beautiful in your life. Snap Dragon is one such flower which adds charm, glory and loveliness to its surroundings in the best possible manner.

Snapdragon belongs to the genus Antirrhinum of the large family of flowering plants called Scrophulariaceae however true family is still being disputed on by the scientists. They believe that the genus Antirrhinum comes under the vast plant family known as Plantaginaceae. Therefore Snapdragon is scientifically called Antirrhinum majus.


One of the most favorite flowers of the florists and gardeners, the Snapdragon is a native to the Mediterranean but has gripped the entire world as its home. Snapdragons are members of the Foxglove family. The long pile of blooming flowers in a variety of colors is the most attractive facet of this vivacious plant.

The name itself has a mysterious aura attached to it. Most probably it is the nose shape of the flowers which has fetched the name to this plant. The opening and closing of the mouth of the flower when squeezed resembles to that of a dragon and these dragons range in a variety of vibrant colors like white, yellow, purple, crimson, bronze, pink in many hues. At their peak bloom these fragrant flower even hide the leaves behind and spread their charm all around.

Snapdragon is an annual plant which blooms to the peak in bright summers. Excessive heat is intolerable to these delicate flowers and as a result they wilt but only to prosper again in the early warm winter weather. With a height of about 1 to 3 feet the plant i9s not more than a little shrub.


Variety of Snapdragons
Depending on the height and other physical attributes Snapdragon can be prominently divided into five categories:

  • Tall Snapdragons(Over 2' tall)
  • Intermediate Snapdragons(Between 1-2' tall)
  • Dwarf Snapdragons(Under 1' tall)
  • Open-Faced Snapdragons(Non-snapping flowers)
  • Trailing snapdragons(Cascading forms)

An excellent flowering plant which turns out to be the best in beds, edgings, and containers.
Snapdragon works wonders to the rock gardens or window gardens as well.
It is a great ornamental plant which adds attraction and beauty to any garden. They are also a popular flower for bouquets and vases.
Snapdragons are a favorite with both home gardeners and florists.
They produce produce large, long lasting and fragrant flowers on strong stems which are perfect for cut flowers, and find themselves in many floral arrangements.
In their native areas of North America and Europe, Snapdragons are often found growing as wildflowers.

Snapdragons have long been a favorite garden play-thing of children – and grown ups. The rounded, tubular flowers resemble faces with two large lips and it is fun to gently squeeze the sides of the flower to see the “lips” open like a mouth and then “snap” shut again. It is also known as a dog flower due to this quality.


Propagation of a Healthy Snapdragon
Best grown through seeds these little flowering plants are easy to grow in any type of garden. If possible use a germination mat for the germination of the seeds as it helps in healthy and strength boosting growth of the plant.

Make sure that your plant is getting the adequate sunlight or not. For the best results ensure atlleast six hours of sunlight. Cloudy days are an exception though.
Average soil are not that big a trouble for these soil tolerant plants. However to enhance the quality of the soil adding a general purpose fertilizer will be more than enough for extremely poor soil or mix in plenty of compost prior to planting.


Generally flowers blossom in June and once they have been in full bloom and dried up, cut the plant to about an height of six inches. Pour in little quantities of fertilizers and get ready to face the second bloom.

The sturdy nature of the plant makes it a hot favorite amongst many gardeners and florists. Snapdragons have an extra quality of withstanding heavy frost. So if your plant is still prosper in the fall season do not be too eager to clean it up. Let it complete its blooming life and leave the glitter in your prosper garden.

Insect and disease problems are not too common to Snapdragons however to avoid any kind of hassles later it is suggested that you treat the plant early with organic or chemical insect repellents and fungicides.


A word of caution
Ingestion of the flower while playing with it might cause toxic injuries to the child or anyone else.

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