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The true essence of nature, the everlasting beauty of flowers blesses every soul. Flowers in every ways inspires to be glorious, charming and giving. When it comes to talk about beauty the reflection of flowers comes in front of our eyes. the fragrance refreshes us and takes us to an altogether different world.

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet."

These lines by the famous poet laureate William Shakespeare praise the rose as a sweet smelling flower. Fantasy of many poets and artists the Rose undoubtedly is the most beautiful and

attractive flower. Talk about love and thought of red roses flashes up in our minds. A Rose signifies beauty, love, sacrifice and selflessness. A true embodiment of love, the Rose has been praised by all poets for its selflessness. The perfect gift to show love, gratitude or simply to say I care, Rose does it all for us.

Scientifically, this magnificent flower belongs to the Rosaceae family of kingdom Plantae.


Interesting Facts About Roses.

  • Northern Persia, on the Caspian, or Faristan on the Gulf of Persia is considered to be the birthplace of cultivated Roses.
  • The oldest Rose fossils found in Colorado, historically prove to be older than 35 million years.
  • It has been proved that roses were of sacred importance in Ancient Egypt and were the most important offering for Goddess Isis. Moreover Roses have also been traced in Egyptian tombs hwere there use as funerary wreaths is suggested.
  • Confucius, great Chinese thinker and social philosopher had also reported that the Imperial Chinese library had huge collection of books on Roses.
  • Ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia mentioned Roses in a cuneiform tablet which is a system of writing approximately 2860 BC ago.
  • It has been traced that the English were already cultivating and hybridizing Roses in the 15th Century when the English War of Roses took place. The winner of the war, Tudor Henry VII, created the Rose of England, Tudor Rose by crossbreeding other Roses.
  • While no Black Rose yet exists, there are some of such a deep Red color as to suggest Black.
  • Roses are omnipresent and grown over all parts of the globe.

The Netherlands is the world's leading exporter of Roses. It has about 8000 hectares of land under rose cultivation. Surprisingly 54% of the cultivated land in Ecuador is only for rose cultivation.


Noisette Roses are the only Roses that originated in the United States of America.

Various Types of Roses
Today around 150 types of roses are known to the world out of which few prominent varieties are listed below:

  • Species Roses
    Popularly known as Wild Species Roses, these types of roses are very simple yet sophisticated, sweet scented flowers. Their colorful petals usually attract many birds as well. These roses blossom in the nice summery winters and therefore add color to the

monotonous winters.

The highest sold Rosa rugosa, is a rose variety world famous for its superior qualities such as sweet fragrance, joyful radiance and more because these types of roses are disease resistant and hardly need any extra maintenance. Moreover many hybrid roses are also created with very rare combinations of beauty and charm.


Old Garden Roses
With chief characterstics like exhilarating fragrance and tender beauty, Old Garden Roses have all the rare qualities which seem to have been missing in modern hybrid tea roses. Best suited for warm climates, these types of roses are really easy to grow.Their disease resistance and winter toleracne is commendable.

Although these roses vary in color but mainly white and pastel color streak is prominent. A huge rage amongst all these antique roses are the general preference for lawns and domesticated gardens. China Roses, Tea Roses, Moss Roses, Damask Roses, Bourbon Roses, and many more fall under this predominating category.


Modern Roses
Successors of the Old Garden Roses, these are the roses which have been identified after 1867. A variety of Primrose, Polyanthus when crossbreeded with the hybrid tea then what we get is also called the Modern Rose.

The rich, vibrant and enthusing colors of Modern Roses separate them from other types of roses. Hybrid Tea Roses, Floribunda Roses, and Grandiflora Roses are the most important roses of the Modern Roses. A delight for florists and gardeners, these roses demand great care and attention. these roses are highly delicate and have relatively lower adaptability to colder conditions.

Take Care of your Rose Plant
However its not very hard to maintain roses for all those who adore them. And few tips which might help you in taking better care of your roses are listed below:

  • Fertilize them well as their beauty demands great nutrition.
  • Make sure that the quality of the soil is good enough to retain water and fertilizers.
  • Opt for organic mulch as it is the best key to improve your soil. Avoid decomposed wooden chips or bark product to prevent mineral loss. It also helps in removal of weeds.
  • Uproot the weeds on proper intervals of time.
  • Hybrid tea rose plant needs to be looked after exceptionally as it might have serious disease Dusting with rose powder really helps.
  • In winters shelter the rose properly by attaching a lump of mulch or soil to the canes. This helps in their survival in severe winter as well.
  • All this taken care of, the rose plant flourishes to blossom in colorful roses which are adored by one and all.

Popular Hybrid varieties of Roses

  • Hybrid Tea Rose
  • Yellow Permet Rose
  • Hybrid/Dwarf Polyanthas
  • Grandifloras
  • Dorothy Perkins, American Pillar, Excelsa
  • Albas
  • Damaskas Rose
  • Centifolia Rose
  • Bourbons

Uses of Roses

Rose is renowned for its distinct uses such as:

  • Rose flowers when steamed to a certain degree of temperature yield an essential oil which is used in the perfumes for its sweet and long lasting fragrance. this is called Attar of rose
  • Rose water is also used as an ingredient widely used to improve the taste of many asian and middle eastern cuisines.
  • ose syrup is widely used as a soothing drink which has a relaxing effect.
  • Rose petals are also used in making jam, jelly or marmalade, and often rose tea is also prepared more because of its high vitamin c content
  • Rose is considered to enhance the beauty of the skin and therefore is used in many skin products.

Most importantly Roses are an integral part of every decoration as their different colors and varieties provide great opportunities to designers to use them in different ways.

A symbol of Love and eroticism, roses are used as gift products or in bouquets.

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