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Ever since agriculture has evolved, animal waste has been treated as a fertilizing element for the soil. The first step towards civilization was plantation and as time progressed, human beings developed new techniques of plantations and looked forward to improvise on the previous ones. It was a simple observation that the primitive man made, that led him to treat animal waste as manure.

The grazing animals in the agricultural lands left their waste there itself and this led to better and enhanced growth of grass and crops. Man took no time to realize that this waste matter acted as a fertilizer for the crops and thus stored the waste materials to be decomposed. And today we are well aware of the results.


Organic fertilizers have proved to be the safest and long lasting soil improvisers. They do not exert harmful and polluting effects on the soil and plants. these fertilizers consist of natural and bio-degradable components and elements which can easily be worked upon by little microorganisms and thus reach the crops and plants in a safe manner.

Organic manure is a similar compound highly rich in nitrogen,which prominently consists of animal waste and rotten grass. The natural components are harmless and take long time to be decomposed. However as the time has progressed, manure is also manufactured in the plants under the enhanced effects of temperature and other required conditions for the decomposition to occur.

Manures are a great contribution to the fertility of the soil as they add organic matter and nutrients in the soil. and thus accomplish the demands of the much needed nutrition.

Manure has been classified in main two types:

  • Green Manure
  • Animal Manure

Green Manure
The green manure essentially comprises of green rotten crops or plants. Certain agricultural practices involve growing of certain useless crops simply to plow them under so as to provide green manure to the agricultural land.

This crops when rotten nourish the soil with their nutrients. Mainly these crops are described as cover crops which are meant to serve the purpose of nourishing the dead soil.
However not only this, these cover crops also serve the fertility of the soil in various other means as well. These cover crops are more often leguminous crops which along with the rhizobium bacteria synthesize nitrogen and thus enhance the soil fertility.


These multipurpose crops also increase the biomass of the soil by great margins, and promote water retention, aeration, and other soil characteristics.

By exerting the soil in the roots, these cover crops like vetch or clover also prevent soil erosion and prevent flooding of the soil.

The strong root system of the cover crops help the main crop to quarry the essential nutrient from inside the deep soil.

Certain examples of cover crops which act as green manure are oat, rye,fava beans, mustard, clover, fenugreek, lupins, sunn hemp, vetch, alfalfa, tyfon, buckwheat and ferns of all kinds, etc. these cover crops are also used as mulch in the soil.

Animal Manure
The animal waste has been extensively used as soil fertilizer since ages now. However the manure of different animals possesses various soil nutrients and especially nitrogen.

Animal manure when kept for a long time is decomposed and it forms compost, one of the richest nutrient source for fertilization of the soil. The most common forms of animal manures are horse manure, cow manure, pig manure, sheep manure, chicken and turkey manures, rabbit manure, seabird and bat Guano, etc.

Moreover, the waste of all household animals like cow, buffalo, oxen, goats, sheep, etc. is extensively used to fertilize the soil.

Benefits of Organic Manure

  • Organic manure is easy to find and can be made available in all conditions.
  • Easy to store, manure does not require any special treatment as it is not reactive or inflammable.
  • Green manure can be easily cultivated through the cover crops and the farmers can enjoy the double or multi-benefits of it.
  • Animal manure can also be prepared into slurry and is easy to use as well.
  • Manure can also be used as fuel and has been used as same since ages. Dried cow dung is also used as fuel sources.
  • Manure is totally safe to use and does not incur any harmful effects on the soil.
  • Moreover, the nutrients of the soil are not only replenished with the help of manures but are also retained for a longer duration.
  • Prevention of soil erosion and other catastrophes are also fueled by the usage of manures.
  • Manure is also used to make paper and thus the cutting of trees can be prevented to a great extent.

Today when the world has been piled up with numerous new experiments and inventions, agriculture has not been untouched. New fertilizers with advanced features have flooded the national and international market and have challenged the traditional and old methods.

But the traditional methods are poised to stay for a longer run and thus Organic manure retains its position strongly and effectively as it is not at all harmful for the soil and is best to use in today's polluted world front. With its long lasting effects, the organic manure will stay steady and stronger for longer.

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