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Essential Oil

Essential oil, a concentrated liquid that is high on volatile aromatic compounds, is largely used in aromatherapy. Also known as ethereal oil, it has the aroma of distinctive scent of the aromatic plant from which it is extracted.

Juniper Oil Almond Oil Anise Oil Celery Oil
Sunflower Seed Oil Lavender Oil Cumin Oil Nutmeg Oil
Cinnamon Oil Sassafras Oil Camphor Oil Cedar Oil
Rosewood Oil Sandalwood Oil Agarwood Oil Ginger Oil
Basil Oil Bay Leaf Oil Eucalyptus Oil Lemon Grass Oil
Oregano Oil Patchouli Oil Peppermint Oil Pine Oil
Rosemary Oil Spearmint Oil Tea Tree Oil Thyme Oil
Frankincense Oil Myrrh Oil Chamomile Oil Clary Sage Oil
Geranium Oil Hyssop Oil Jasmine Oil Manuka Oil
Orange Oil Rose Oil Grapefruit Oil Lemon Oil
Lime Oil Tangerine Oil Emu Oil Salmon Oil
Sturgeon Oil Cod Liver Oil Ostrich oil  
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