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Jack Bean

Falling under the wide category of annuals, Jack Bean is a vegetable which bears bright pea flowers.
Comprising of a huge family, the genus Canavalia marks a considerable presence in the entire legume domain. A number of species of tropical origin form the base of this widespread lineage.

Jack Bean scientifically known as Canavalia ensiformis is an integral member of this distinct family.

The jack bean and the sword bean are very similar and are occasionally grown in home gardens around the world. They are also known by different names in the world such as Chickasaw lima bean, Brazilian broad bean, coffee bean, ensiform bean, horse bean, mole bean, go-ta-ki, overlook bean, Pearson bean, watanka, and Raba De Burro.

These drought-tolerant annual plants are suitable for xeriscaping thus benefiting the land to be properly maintained without irrigation as well. Its ability to survive in strongly acidic soil further strengthens its quality as a suitable legume. It fares extremely well in acidic conditions with 5.1 to 5.5 ofsoil pH.

Advisably the plant can be propagated through seeds by sowing them indoors before last frost and later sowing directly after last frost. Appropriately the plant has very fast and sharp growth and in a very less time period it shoots up to a great height.


Jack Bean is consumed in many areas however due to its toxicity ,its consumption in higher quantities is not suggested, however the toxicity can be drained out by boilibg the beans in hot water and draining it completely

Edible in the young tender immature stage by slicing and boiling the tender pods, or peeling and using the seeds as broad beans.

  • Owing to its great capacity to fix nitrogen, Jack Bean is a valued legume crop
  • It is a renowned beneficial weed and pathogen suppressing living mulch
  • Although not a great edible plant Jack Bean is of a great prominence to the scientific and medical world.
  • Can be used as tobacco substitute
  • Pharmaceutical companies have have aslo been attracted towards the beans as a possible source of the enzyme urease and to find out the same few acres have been tried in Florida.

Magical qualities of Concanavalin A

The Common Jack-bean is also known as the plant from which Concanavalin A was described.

Concanavalin A, lectin of major commercial importance as a reagent in glycoprotein biochemistry and immunology is extracted from Jack Bean. This lectin is of major commercial importance as a reagent in glycoprotein biochemistry and immunology.

  • It might seem amusing that a plant which is considered to be harmful to be eaten otherwise when treated chemically becomes a medical boon.