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Bambara Bean

Widely known as African groundnut, Bambara Bean is indigenous to tropical Africa. Vignea subterranea, that is what we call it scientifically. One can easily guess by the name Bambara Bean that it might have originated in the tropical soils of Mali. However with the progress of time its roots have spread worldwide. Now it is grown in Asia, northern Australia and South and Central America as well.

It is plant with high adaptability quotient is well suited for erroneously hot, dry and challenging regions where many other crops fail to survive due to lack of water and nutrients. To add to the surprise element, one should see the range of varieties of Bambara Bean produced.


With a crisp and nutty flavor, Bambara Bean comprises of a taste that lies somewhere between a chick pea and a haricot bean and thus ends up tasting even better. It transforms into a very delicious and crispy snack just being boiled once. It is only due to this quality of this variety of bean that it is added to stews and also to produce flour.

Nutritious Qualities
It has been scientifically declared that Bambara Bean is high in protein quotient , particularly in methionine which makes its proteins more complete and substantial than any other bean.

The highest concentration of soluble fiber than any other bean also makes it one step ahead of other beans. This further enhances its quality as a nutritious food which reduces the incidence of heart disease and certain types of cancer


Lab tests have proved that Bambara Bean contains:

  • Carbohydrates 54.5 - 69.3 %
  • Protein 17 - 24.6 %
  • Fat 5.3 - 7.8 %
  • Energy 367 - 414 Kcal per 100g
In Zimbabwe, canned Bambara Bean products are a craze and form greatly innovative, natural and fairly traded specialty food products. Now the most beneficial part is that these beans being nitrozen fixers themselves attain all the required nutrients themselves and along with providing the soil with essential nutrients do not require any artificial fertilizers. and further during the food processing as well the use of artificial flavors or preservatives as well is greatly discarded. Therefore these food products contain no pesticides , no chemicals and are truly hygienic, safe and purely healthy to eat.

An assuring Crop for the Poor People
A great answer to the challenging and devastating problem of malnutrition which grips the poor who are unable to make up to a healthy nutritious diet. It can be grown easily under normal or even harsh conditions and ensuring a high production value and assurance of quality as well.