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Beetroot Juice

The popular research surveys suggest with assurance that drinking beetroot juice is possible be a simple way to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. Coined as the new ‘super food’, it can drastically reduce high blood pressure. What more, is nutritious juice is renowned for being a great liver cleanser. Owing to the similar grounds, it is often advisable to use just a small amount of this "powerful tonic" mixed with other vegetable or fruit juices so as not to push the body into detoxifying too quickly. Beetroot is also believed to regenerate the cells of the immune system, build and purify the blood and improve the circulation. It is ideal for alkalizing the system through its rich sources of caroteniods, flavanoids, betacyanin, folate, silica, vitamins and other essential minerals for the human body.

Juice Ingredients

Beetroot juice is not only blessed with a beautiful color but also packed with nutrients. A detailed view of this parcel comes out to be like:

  • Vitamins: Beetroots are a good source of folic acid and vitamin C. It also contains small amounts of vitamins B1, B2, B3, and vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene.
  • Minerals: Rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and sodium. Also, smaller amounts of iron, zinc, copper, manganese, and selenium.
  • Amino Acids: While raw beets are mostly water and carbohydrate, they also contain small amounts of all the amino acids (protein).
  • Calories: One 2" (5cm) beetroot contains 35 calories.
  • Antioxidants: Its carotenoids and flavanoids can help reduce the oxidation of LDL cholesterol which could lead to damaged artery walls and ultimately heart attacks and strokes.
  • Anti-carcinogenic Color: The deep red color of beetroot comes from betacyanin. This prevents from colon cancer.
  • Silica: The rich stock of silica in it does perfect utilization of calcium in the body and is also required for healthy skin, hair, nails and bones.

The cultivation of beetroot can be traced back to somewhere around 4,000 years ago. The ancient Babylonians were the first to use it for various applications. Early Greeks and Romans used the root for its medicinal properties and the leaves as vegetables. Moving ahead with time, beetroot held an important place in Renaissance (14th-16th century) medicine and was often used for treating various ailments.

In medieval England, beetroot juice or broth was recommended as an easily digested food for the aged, weak, or infirm. Even in mythology, Aphrodite is said to have eaten beets to retain her beauty. In folk magic, if a woman and man eat from the same beet, they will fall in love. In Africa, beets are used as an antidote to cyanide poisoning. In the present times, beetroot is extensively cultivated on the coasts of Europe, North Africa and Asia, as far as India, and is found in muddy maritime marshes in many parts of England.


The Magic of Beetroot Juice

  • An intake of one glass of beetroot juice daily can assuringly tame high blood pressure.
  • Beetroot juice is very potent, and it's recommended that you drink the raw juice diluted at least 4 times with other milder juices such as carrot, cucumber, or celery.
  • It is claimed that beetroot juice has the ability to clean and build the blood, improve circulation and calm the nerves.
  • It also improves the health of the liver, kidneys, and bladder.
  • The juice is claimed to be beneficial in the treatment of gallstones and kidney stones.
  • It cleans the intestines and fights cancer.
  • For women, it improves the menstrual problems as well as cures anemia.
  • It is traditionally used for curing eye fatigue & tiredness.
  • Along with treating skin problems, the juice is effective in dealing with weight loss problems.

Way to Go Organic !!

  • Organic Beetroot Juice contains an abundance of potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sulfur, iodine, iron and copper, as well as traces of the rare metals, rubidium and caesium. Along with carbohydrates, some protein and fat, it also carries vitamins B1, B2, niacin, B6, B12 and C.
  • This juice contains B12 and folic acid to supports blood function and as a result, helps support the immune system.
  • Blood-supporting: contains easily assimilated iron
  • Helps in maintaining cellular health
  • Helps assimilation of wide spectrum of nutrients
  • Contains betaine, which helps maintain liver function
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Supports cell respiration in the body

Blends of Juice

Known to have an extremely strong flavor, beetroot juice tastes best when mixed with other juices. The following combinations are the most popular ones:

  • Beet juice with carrot and celery (For a sweeter drink, add an apple, or use 2 apples instead of the carrots)
  • Beetroot juice with cucumber and pineapple (A fabulous cleansing drink which is best when consumed on an empty stomach)
  • An unusual but delicious vegetable juice recipe that uses apples, beetroot, broccoli, nettles and lemon juice
  • A mix of organic beetroot juice and monin caramel syrup
  • Beetroot, carrot & apple juice (this mix can amazingly boost your energy levels)
  • Blend the beetroot, ginger, pineapple and cucumber along with water.

Research Studies

As per the research studies, hypertension causes around 50 percent of the coronary heart disease and it is also the prime responsible factor for causing approximately 75 percent of strokes. However, the daily consumption of miraculous beetroot juice which can reduce this danger to a great extent. It is due to the chemical formation of nitrite from the dietary nitrate (a definite functional mediator of the beetroot juice) that reduces blood pressure. Thus, it is believed that beetroot juice is one of the most inexpensive and easy ways to combat hypertension.

Points of Caution

  • Be careful to choose only firm and smooth beets. Avoid beets that are either soft or shriveled.
  • Known to be one of the most powerful vegetables, beets are responsible for causing both stools and urine to turn red and if this happens, don't be surprised.
  • Always remember to drink beetroot juice as a combination with either veggies or fruits. Having this juice by itself can temporarily paralyze your vocal chords, make you break out in hives, increase your heart rate, cause chills or a fever.
  • Beets are best used moderately in small amounts.
  • It is not advisable for those who are pregnant. It can be very toxic or very ill to take beetroot juice without consulting a medical specialist.
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