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An Introduction to Linaloe
Botanically termed as bursera delpechianum, linaloe is an aromatic plant known for producing an aromatic oil which is used as a source of linalool and linalyl acetate. This volatile oil is extensively used in the perfumery industry. The oil is globally known for its pleasing odor which resembles a mixture of lemon and jasmine. The wood and fruits of the plant contains volatile aroma compounds. Linaloe oil is basically extracted from the two species of Brusera, namely Linaloe, and Copal Limon.

A native to Mexico, Brusera Delpechiana Poiss is commercially cultivated in India, and many Central and South American countries. India produces nearly 50 tonnes of oil in a year. For centuries, this essential oil has been widely used for scenting and incense purposes.


Plant Description
Linaloe tree (also the Lavander of India) is a member of the burseraceae family. The berries and wood of the plant produces an essential oil which is used worldwide in the perfumery industry. It has feather-shaped and camphor scented leaves. The plant produces small scented white flowers which blossoms during April. Linaloe tree requires good sunlight and a moderate soil (having the 6-7 pH) for obtaining optimum production.

Linaloe Oil
The essential oil is primarily extracted from the berries and wood of the linaloe tree by the process of

distillation. Oil is extracted from wood or from air dried husks or pericarp of fruiting berries before their dehiscence. Oil thus obtained, produces a pleasing and aromatic odor resembling a mixture of lemon and jasmine. It is important in perfumery as the source of linalyl acetate, and is used as a substitute for oil of bergamot.

Mexican linaloe oil (Linaloe wood oil) is steam distilled from the wood of old and deliberately damaged trees. Generally, fruits of the tree are also included in the process, since this increases the yield of oil considerably.

Major Application Areas
Linaloe oil is extensively used in the following areas:

  • Perfumery: Linaloe oil is primarily consumed in the perfumery industry. Due to its pleasurable aroma, this essential oil is also used in aromatherapy.
  • Cosmetics: Linaloe oil is also used in producing cosmetics and bath products.
  • Other Applications: Oil obtained from the berries and wood of the linaloe plant is also used in other industries such as pharmaceuticals, incense products, etc.
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