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Clary Sage

An Introduction
"Clary Sage" or "Clary" is a biennial Mediterranean herb (Salvia sclarea) in the genus Salvia which is a native to Europe and East & Central Asia. It is commercially cultivated to obtain a volatile oil which contains innumerable medicinal properties. The origin of this aromatic plant is not known, but it is believed that it was originated in Hungary. Today, it is extensively cultivated in England, France, and southern Russia.

Since ancient times, clary sage oil has been widely used to treat many health disorders including amenorrhea, asthma, coughing, dysmenorrhea, exhaustion, gas, labor pains, sore throat, and stress. Due to its warm, nutty fragrance, it is mostly used in the perfumery industry.


Plant Description
Botanically termed as 'salvia sclarea', clary sage plant is a short biennial or perennial herb that grows upto 1 meter in height. It has large, hairy leaves which are about 10-20 cm long and 6-12 cm broad. Its small bluish- purple flowers are 2.5-3.5 cm long and appeared in several clusters of 2-6 on the stem.

Clary Sage Oil
A stout aromatic Mediterranean herb, Clary Sage, is commercially cultivated for extracting an aromatic oil which has a fruity, nutty and floral odor. Oil is extracted from the flowers and leaves of the plant by the process of steam distillation. This light-golden-yellow coloured oil contains many medicinal properties.

Researchers termed this oil as antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antisudorific and anti-hypercholesterol. It blends well with other aromatic oils such as cedarwood, German and Roman chamomile, frankincense, geranium, lavender, sweet marjoram, neroli, orange, ylang ylang, etc

Medicinal Properties
Since clary sage oil contains antifungal, anti-bacterial, aphrodisiac, antidepressant and anti-epileptic properties, it is quite helpful in treating many physical complexions. This essential oil provides relief to the patients suffering from asthma, throat infection and whooping cough. It works wonderfully when used as a hair conditioner. Application of the clary sage essential oil on scalp provides comfort during depression, migraine, mental tension, etc. It works amazingly when applied to the skin. Clary sage oil also strengthens kidneys and increases mucus secretion in intestines.

Caution: Pregnant women should consult their physician before using clary sage oil. Its aroma may be too strong for children of any age or individuals with chronic lung conditions, and should NOT be used.

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