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A Prelude
Insects and weeds are largely responsible for the crop destruction. In modern horticulture and agriculture, insecticides/pesticides, a man made or natural preparation are used to kill insects or otherwise control their reproduction. These herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers are applied to agricultural crops with the help of a special device known as a "Sprayer."

Based on the concept of high pressure, sprayer provides optimum performance with minimum efforts. There are several types of sprayers available in the market such as manual or self-propelled sprayers, tractor mounted sprayers and aerial sprayers.


An Introduction to Sprayer
Science and technology always help the mankind to improve its life. This thing applies to the agriculture sector too. Innovative human brains use their creative power and blend it with the principles of mathematics and physics to develop an ultimate range of plant protection equipments, showcasing the highest degree of human excellence. The invention of a sprayer, pesticides, fertilizers, etc. bring revolution in the agriculture/horticulture sector.

Especially the invention of sprayers, enable farmers to obtain maximum agricultural output. They are used for garden spraying, weed/pest control, liquid fertilizing and plant leaf polishing. It is available in man-portable units, self-propelled units to boom mounts of 60-151 feet in length.


Sprayer Types
Sprayers are available in variety of sizes and specifications, depending on the requirement of the plant / crop. Following are the main types of sprayers used for insecticide or pesticide sprays:

  • Backpack / knapsack sprayers
  • Foot sprayers
  • Garden sprayers
  • Hand compression sprayers
  • Power sprayers
  • Stirrup sprayers.

Application Areas
Sprayers are not only used in agricultural applications but also in domestic purposes. Below is a few detail of their application areas:

  • Agriculture
  • Pest control
  • Water spraying
  • Small nurseries
  • Kitchen gardens
  • Spraying wettable insecticides and fungicides
  • Orchards
  • Vegetable gardens, to name a few.

Following are the main advantages of using sprayers:

  • Easy to operate, maintain and handle
  • It facilitates uniform spread of the chemicals
  • Capable of throwing chemicals at the desired level
  • Precision made nozzle tip for adjustable stream
  • Capable of throwing foggy spray, light or heavy spray, depending on requirement.
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