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Tractor Spares

An Introduction to Tractor
A tractor is undoubtedly an inseparable element of agriculture. This specifically designed machine is used for drawing in, towing or pulling objects that are extremely hard to move. Designed for executing multiple tasks, the tractor may also provide a source of power if the implement is mechanized. Another common use of the term is for the power unit of a semi-trailer truck.

This mechanical device has a two very large driving wheels on an axle below and slightly behind a single seat. Modern tractors are built with a rollover protection system (ROPS) that protects the operator from being crushed in the event that the vehicle rolls over. This machinery not only increases the efficiency but also reduces the overall cost of the agriculture produced.


What are Spares?
Spare is part or a sub-assembly or assembly for substitution, that is ready to replace an identical or similar part or sub-assembly or assembly. It includes a component or an accessory.

Care should be taken while purchasing spares. The faulty parts must be replaced by only authentic and genuine spares which are manufactured by reliable brands of the market.

Tractor Spares
Since tractor comprises of hundreds of spares and components, it is very difficult to discuss each and every component. However, we can discuss some important tractor spares as under:

  • Brake Lining
  • Clutch Plate
  • Oil Seal
  • Push Guide
  • Radiator Hose
  • Fuel Pipe Set
  • Top Shaft Bush
  • Rocker Padaster
  • Gear Shifter Lever
  • King Pin Bearing
  • Fuel Injection Pipe Set
  • Hydraulic O-ring Kit
  • Engine Cam Shafts
  • Clutch Release Plate
  • Bull Gears (Reduction)
  • Steering Worm Shafts
  • Fly Wheel Ring Gears
  • Carrier Unit Assemblies
  • Differential Tail Pinions
  • Engine Connecting Rods
  • Steering Box Assemblies
  • Steering Sector Bearing
  • Hyd. Pump Square Piston
  • Hyd. Lift Control Valve Assly.
  • Stub Axles (Front Spindles)
  • Differential Bevel Gear Kits
  • Crown Wheel & Pinion Sets
  • P.T.O. Shafts (Power Take Off)
  • Transmission Gears & Shafts
  • Tie Rod Ends (Suspension Parts)
  • Hyd. Lift Non Return Valve Ball Ride
  • Rear Axle Shafts /Axle Differential Shafts
  • Hydraulic Parts (Hyd. Shaft, Ram Arm, Side Arms), to name a few.


Importance of Tractor
A tractor is undoubtedly the soul of mechanised farming. The invention of this vital component revolutionises the farming sector by its countless advantages. The following are the benefits of tractor:
  • Higher Productivity: Since a tractor can perform many agricultural tasks at a time, thus increasing agricultural productivity, besides reducing land degradation.
  • Multiple Operations: By using a tractor, we can perform multiple tasks simultaneously. For instance, we can plough the field, level it as well as do plantation job.
  • Saves Time & Money: Tractor enables us to perform a task in a highly efficient manner, besides saving today's most important asset 'time'. It also increases the overall cost of operations, as the task of several people is being executed by a tractor.
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