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A Prelude
Weeds, the native wild plants, may be unwanted because they limit the growth of other plants by blocking their light or consuming more nutrients from the soil. These un-economical plants are widely used as an animal fodder or feed supplement. Sometimes, they also harm the body by their burrs and thorns.

What is Weed Control?
Stopping weeds from reaching a mature stage of growth by means of physical and chemical methods is termed as weed control. It is in-fact the botanical component of pest control, in which various methods and strategies have been developed in order to contain the growth and spread of weeds.


Tools or Implements for Weed Control
There are a number of agricultural implements and equipments used to control the production of weeds. Ploughs are the most basic tools used for this process. Other farm equipments including cultivators, tillers, etc. are also used in cutting the roots of annual weeds.

An Introduction Tillers
Tillers are one of the most common tools used by the global farmers as a weed controller. This agricultural farm equipment and implement is available in varied shapes and sizes, depending on the requirement. They are suitable for the cultivation of areas too large to work with hand tools, but

too small to warrant a tractor. For instance, for maintaining a small garden, a small or medium size tiller having several tines is sufficient. On the contrary, for the requirement of a giant agricultural field, cultivators are required.

Tillers are basically used for stirring and pulverizing the soil for planting, or for weed control or moisture conservation. They came in variety of shapes and sizes. Farmers are advised to test their soil condition, nature of crop and other factors before sourcing tillers for their specific requirement.

Tillers are also come with seeding or seed cum fertilizer attachment. These agricultural implements are maintenance free as tines are mounted on heavy duty angles which are capable of rendering years of services. Garden cultivators have gas engines and may have front tines, mid tines, or rear tines, which increase in strength in that order.


Benefits of using Tillers
There are a number of advantages of tillers including:

  • Capable of killing in-row weeds in an efficient and effective manner
  • Also eliminates habitat for insects, mice and disease, thusminimising the agricultural loss
  • Since they are based on latest technologies, they are capable of accurately delivering every minute detail like chemical composition, etc.
  • It boosts beneficial microbe activity, besides aerating and conditioning the soil
  • Tiller improves water penetration, thus saving irrigation expenses
  • Cultivate the strip while protecting shallow root systems, and
  • Improves the appearance of your property.
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