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Sowing & Planting Machines

Agricultural industry is a surpassing greater heights. With the inventions of new machineries and new ways of getting better yield has exposed the concerned industry to the fire of competition.
Today the farmers have become aware of the modern technologies that can fetch them better yields and also help them manage it with multiple machineries. Today the market is being flooded with a variety of sowing and planting machines to make the labor demanding task a bit easier for the farmers.

Every day is introducing modern, sophisticated and better versions of such machines which have delighted the agricultural people to a great extent. This has also brought new hopes for the farmers as they are looking forward to a better and transformed future in the agricultural industry which has no longer remained a risky area.


Sowing & Planting Machines: Introduction
We are well aware that sowing of grains by hand is by far one of the most laborious and difficult operations of a farmer's profession, and one which only a few men can perform correctly. However surpassing technologies have ensured that sowing grains will no longer be a sturdy task but various machines suitably designed for this purpose will perform the tougher task in no time. Various new tools have sophisticated the task of planting and sowing seeds and different machines have flooded the market. This has led to a thrilling boost in the agro market. Simpler designs and complicated tasks are the trademark of these machines. Planting cereals, grains, pulses and other vegetables was never so easy till agro revolution.

These machines are so efficient that they can sow all kinds of grains, grass seeds, and plaster according to our wishes and can perform in a better manner.
Besides saving time and labor, these machine are designed to make agriculture a sophisticated profession.

History of Sowing Machine: Seed Drill
One of the pioneers of these machines, famous agriculturalist Jethro Tull had invented the first mechanized version of the seed drill in about 1701. Ever since then, agro industry has never looked back and little machines to bigger equipments have been designed as the time demanded. Such machines enhanced sowing of seeds in uniform rows and also allowed weeding between the rows of seedlings during growth. And this largely led to improvements in the crop yields. The seed were stored in a hopper and delivered by tubes into furrows in the ground. The furrows were made by a set of blades, or coulters, attached to the front of the drill. The harrow was drawn behind the drill to cover up the seeds.Though this was the first larger versions, simple seeding devices were more prominent in various civilizations as in the Babylon civilization.

The modern machines are designed through innovative scientific principles and with a rare combination of quality parts. These machines are a good answer to the natural and climatic calamities and work in all conditions without any damages. Today the modern farming techniques have brought the agricultural industry to the forfront and more people are getting attracted towards this industry.


Benefits of Sowing and Planting Machinery

  • These machines are adequately designed with Vacuum Seeder System Planting channel for optimal growing conditions
  • The machines lay a thin layer of degradable plastic film over the soil and then sprays pre-emergence herbicide both inside and outside the plastic for weed control
  • Adjustable seeding rate
  • Seed monitor and hectare counter
  • Plastic Laying System Hydraulically operated Cut & Burying system for Plasti
  • Spring loaded discs
  • Fully Independent Floatation of each unit to follow the ground contours

Easy Roll loading system
All these mechanized systems food and fiber production have revolutionized the agro industry in a sophisticated manner. These systems extend from initial tillage of the soil through planting, cultural practices during the growing season, protection from pests, harvesting, conditioning, livestock feeding, and delivery for processing and so on.
The use of hydraulic power has made possible highly specialized mechanisms to perform intricate operations.
Hydraulic power offers the advantages of being easily controlled and automated.
Sophisticated technology is used to increase the precision needed in modern agriculture: lasers for laying out fields for surface irrigation systems; microprocessors for sensing and controlling intricate operations, such as controlling feed mixtures for dairy cows and grading fruits and vegetables; and electronic devices in the automation of many harvesters.

Looking at all these developments the future is shining bright for the agro world.

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