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Oilseed Processing Machinery

An Introduction
A type of oil is extracted from a number of fruits, nuts and seeds like cumin, celery, rice bran, castor bean, sesame, cottonseed, etc. which is widely used for cooking and industrial purposes. Besides being a common cooking medium, these vegetable oils are also used in other industrial processes. Oil, thus, extracted is widely used for producing nutraceuticals, skin care products, industrial lubricants, etc.

Oilseed Processing Machinery
Since oil is a valuable product, its demand has been growing at a tremendous pace in the entire

global market. Oil can be extracted by pressing softer oil seeds and nuts, such as groundnuts, whereas harder, more fibrous materials such as copra and sunflower seeds are processed by using ghanis.

Oil mills or oil extraction plants are used for extracting oil from the seed or a nut. Modern oil processing machines are embedded with many user-friendly features and are capable of delivering high oil output rate.

Since seeds and nuts differ considerably in their shapes and sizes, their processing and methods of

oil extraction are also different. The methodology used for extracting castor seed oil is not neccessaringly applied for extracting soybean oil. Similarly, oil seed machines are developed after thoroughly accessing the exact requirement of the process. Basically, oil is extracted by following three methods viz. solvent extraction, wet processing or dry processing.


Oil processing machines include:

  • Oil Milling Plants
  • Oil Processing Plants
  • Solvent Extraction Plants
  • Oil Refinery Plants
  • Vegetable Oil Refining Plants
  • Continuous Deodorizing Plants
  • Oil Expellers
  • Oilseed Processing Plants.
Based on latest technologies, oilseed processing machinery is capable of providing the premium production at a very limited operating cost. The following are the main advantages of using oil processing machines:
  • High Output: Modern machines are equipped with many revolutionary features. Designed by a team of creative personnel, these machines are capable of delivering premium output.
  • Economy: Nowadays, oil processing machines are designed in such a way to perform more than one task at a time. These multitasking machines makes the oil extraction process cheaper, as the overall cost of production reduces by a substantially.
  • Variety: Oil machines are available in variety of sizes and specifications to choose from. Thus, providing plethora of options before oil processor to choose from.
  • Easy to Operate & Install: Most oil extractors are now available in compact sizes. They are easy to operate, user friendly and require less space than the traditional oil expellers.
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