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Leveling Blade

An Introduction
Leveling blade or leveling implement is a simple and rugged equipment, which is directly fitted to the tractor. This vital component is used for leveling the surface of agricultural field. It is also used in leveling the land of construction sites, playgrounds, horse riding clubs, and variety of other applications.

This piece of heavy equipment is generally designed specifically for leveling purposes, although it may be used in more than one capacity. Leveling blade is easy to maintain and use. It is widely used in variety of sectors including agriculture, building construction, etc.


Application Areas of the Leveling Blade
It is widely used in many agricultural, forestry and many other sectors. In civil engineering, it is used for road construction, bridges and overpasses construction and repairs, etc. We can see this equipment in playgrounds or parks and on construction sites of large buildings such as office complexes or shopping centers.


In agriculture, it is used for the following applications:

  • Leveling of the field
  • Filling and back filling purposes
  • Farm yard clearing
  • In removing stubble of cotton, maize, jowar, sugarcane, Banana and other roots
  • It is a hydraulically operated basic implement for preparation of land, etc.


Leveling blade is an important agricultural implement that finds immense applications. It is almost maintenance free and very easy to operate. It also levels the field better than the labour.

Following are the other advantages of leveling blade:

  • It levels the field accurately
  • It saves time and labour needs
  • No extra load on the tractor
  • It used either in wet or dry condition of the soil
  • It adjusts depth of the tilling as per requirement, amongst others.
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