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Grain Drilling Machinery

One of the oldest profession is looking forward to a revolutionary transformation due to the technical advancements in the mechanical industry. Agricultural industry is the raving industry these days and as the time is progressing, this industry is inviting better sources and great yields. Today with new scopes of improvement and better opportunities are luring young agro scientists to come to its rescue. Ever since the industrial revolution, agriculture has emerged as a unique destination of food sourcing and greater yields. It is no more a field that demands human labor and hard work but an easy and profitable way to earn through commercial crops.

Today one farmer is capable of feeding 25 people and that too with not much labor needed. The agricultural machines have helped the farmers increase production and at the same time have eased their labor, thus improving the quality of farm life. The machines which have transformed the life of the farmers range widely from from initial tillage of the soil through planting, various agricultural rituals, harvesting, conditioning, livestock feeding, and processing of the harvests..

The use of hydraulic power has made it possible and easier to perform intricate operations. Hydraulic power offers the advantages of being easily controlled and automated. Sophisticated technology is used to increase the precision needed in modern agriculture: lasers for laying out fields for surface irrigation systems; microprocessors for sensing and controlling intricate operations, such as controlling feed mixtures for dairy cows and grading fruits and vegetables; and electronic devices in the automation of many harvesters, the grain drilling machines.

Multipurpose machines are used where a high degree of precision and specialization is needed and these machines aim at performing various tasks simultaneously


How a Grain Drilling Machinery Works?
The coulter tube is designed and engineered around the disc roller arm and the press roller is modified to suit drilling rather than cultivation and consolidation.

The disc coulter is a major feature of the Grain Drilling Machine. It allows the seed to be dropped at the bottom of the opening created by the special disc at a consistent depth and ensures it is covered, no matter what the conditions.

The shallow disc angle, with its superb cutting action, coupled with the stagger of the two disc rows provides the maximum movement and mixing of soil, even at shallow working depths.

The drill also incorporates the unique air drill metering technology, proven over several decades in different agricultural countries.

Benefits of Grain Drilling Machinery
The Till-Seeding concept of simultaneous cultivating and seeding has proved to be a major cost-saving benefits in drilling grains in the farms. these grains can be of various cereals or pulses.

By minimising the amount of cultivation passes, the Grain Drilling Machinery system significantly reduces machinery wear, fuel usage and labour input. It also saves valuable time - a precious commodity at the rather busy time of the year.

But the benefits of Grain Drilling Machinery system extend way beyond lower cost of production. In

different seed applications, moisture conservation, reduced traffic and improved soil structure, leading to better plant growth and stronger plants, are playing a major part in delivering better yields.


Unlike other cultivating and seeding combinations, the Grain Drill is not simply a grain drill with cultivation tools added on but it is also a cultivator with a truly integrated seeding function.

This machine allows cultivating and seeding to take place at the same time. This single pass operation results in significant savings in time, fuel and machinery wear. It also allows farmers to create a smaller carbon footprint when producing crops.

This machine is extremely flexible as it can also be used after the plough if required.

It fits in with any width tramline system without double seeding.

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