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Crop Drying Machine

An Introduction
In agriculture, crop drying refers to the removal of moisture or water moisture from the seed or grain, either by exposing it directly to sun or by means of any mechanical device. This process plays a vital role in obtaining premium output. Once the entire moisture in the seed or grain is removed, they are eligible for further processing.

Crop Drying Machine
In the past, crops were usually dried by means of solar energy or sun. This method is still favoured in the major portion of the globe. Being a cheaper and economical method, this practice is quite popular among the farmers of the developing and the third world countries. But this method has its limitations. Where weather conditions are not normal and rains are frequent, this method of crop drying hardly works.


To overcome this problem scientists has discovered a machine for crop drying. Termed as 'crop drying machine', this mechanical device is used for removing the moisture contents from the crop. Pretty common among the farmers of the developed nations, these forced-air-drying systems provide plethora of options before a farmer. Since they require a substantial capital investment, they are rarely used in the developing and developed nations. Another disadvantage of these crop drying machines is their limited capacity.

Crop drying machines generally use electric or chemical energy for their operations. It was in 1986, when drying of grains was introduced in the market. During this era, the electricity based heat pumps

were used for the crop drying. Nowadays, solar energy based grain drying machines and equipments are quite widely used by the farmers. The operating cost of a crop drying machine depends on its energy type. Researchers discovered that the total operating cost for drying grain is less with the heat pump, as compared to electric resistance units.


Advantages of a Crop Drying Machine
Crop drying is one of the most important stages of agriculture. Since properly dried grains are the prerequisite for obtaining optimum production, this stage holds the paramount importance in the entire process. The introduction of the crop drying machine or crop dryer makes the process easy and economical than never before. It has a number of advantages including:

  • Increased Crop Value: Needless to say, properly dried grains and other agri products are the base of obtaining premium output. By using a crop drying machine, the value of crop, due to the drying, would be high.
  • Suitable for Multiple Crops: One crop dryer can be used for multiple crop, thus providing plethora of options before a farmer.
  • Autonomy: One of the most revolutionary features of this machine is freedom from weather. Now, a farmer can dried his crops even in extreme circumstances
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